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Are you ready to officially get your Law Firm marketing plan in place to achieve better results?

Results that are data-driven, experience-backed, and personally managed to produce PROVEN RESULTS!

Wearing ALL OF THE HATS in the day to day of a Law Firm all day, every day is NOT something you have to do or should be doing.

The first step toward making this happen is working with Your Law Firm Fractional CMO.

We offer a partnership for you and your team to progress as THE law firm marketing leader in the practice.  This process includes consulting, knowing when it’s time to grow a campaign, pause a campaign, and knowing with complete certainty your accurate numbers and KPI’s.  We offer you a way of managing these areas that might be currently holding you back from achieving marketing momentum and growth!


Social Media Management

Are you ready to take your social media to the next levelmaking it work once and for all? 


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Help your community find you and get the phone ringing with data-driven.

25 years of experience-backed marketing with proven results


Legacy Protection Community

The ultimate legal marketing program with 25 years of knowledge in one platform. Frustrated and unsatisfied with your law firm marketing? Join today – I mean it. 

Every law firm needs a marketing leader to help them scale and grow their firm to the next level. – this is it!

Marketing growth is KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS.  Period!

When you REALLY know them, the rest is easy.  The ability to manage vendors, social media, workshop registrations, and email marketing. So that you can reach the BIGGEST REVENUE goals for the firm.

A common stumbling block for most law firms is their marketing strategy and implementation:

  • Lack of marketing
  • Lack of knowing ROI
  • Lack of tracking and reporting
  • Lack of leadership or guidance
  • Lack of continuing the practices that are successful
  • Marketing is the lifeblood of a law firm. But most law firms are missing a HUGE opportunity!
  • The ability to grab the marketing bull by the horns and drive it, confidently!

Hi, I’m Roslyn

I’m an expert in all things social media and online lead generation

I personally thrive when empowering small businesses with social and digital strategies that grow their bottom line and massive “one step at a time” growth.

Your Strategist,

Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy

Most law firms often outsource some of their marketing strategies, such as website management, SEO, PPC, to the marketing expert.  Three months later the expense is analyzed without quantifying SPEND, LEADS, CONVERSIONS… The knee jerk reaction = CUT IT ALL.

Another common scenario is hiring someone that isn’t qualified or dedicated to the marketing numbers and strategies necessary in the legal space.

Both scenarios impact the overall success of the marketing, the team, and YOUR bottom line.  If you launch a marketing campaign with zero follow up or zero knowledge of KPI’s behind it ñ you are throwing money out the window. and limiting the opportunity for the firm to grow.

After 25 years of legal marketing experience working with hundreds of law firms nationally, I want to partner with you and put the tools of success at your fingertips.  This will be achieved by using my personal philosophies that will serve as Fractional Law Firm CMO success for YOUR law firm marketing growth.

Now YOU can FINALLY get the best support you need to progress and achieve results for your firm!  YOU can count on US!

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Did you know?

91.9% of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social networking site.
4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product.
There are 3.96 billion people actively using social media in the world, and this is an increase of 10.9% year-on-year from 3.48 billion.
75% of total marketing budget will go to digital marketing.


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